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Our Company

Dart Seasonal Products manufacturers and distributes a full line of packaged and bulk ice melting products. Our warehouse allows us to carry one of the largest packaged inventories in the Northeast enabling us to offer our customers a consistent supply of products. Our product line encompasses traditional ice melters, ice melt blends, green environmentally friendly ice melters and a full line of snow removal products.

Our Goal

Customer satisfaction is our ultimate goal which is why we are constantly expanding and upgrading our product line availability based on customer feedback. We also provide around the clock availability during the winter season. Our customer base includes large retail outlets, wholesale clubs, supermarkets and discounted chain stores. It is no wonder that we continue to be one of the fastest growing companies in the industry. It’s simple; we are good at what we do.

New Products

Top Sellers

  • Pellets of Fire

    Pellets of Fire, popularly known as Calcium Chloride Pellets has been recognized by the industry as a very effective ice melter. It melts upon contact and is a powerful substance especially during overnight usage. Most de-icers become virtually ineffective once the temperature drops below +20 degrees while Pellets of Fire keeps on melting even at temperatures as cold as 25 degrees below zero. It does not chemically attack concrete when used as directed.

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  • Blue Heat Snow & Ice Melter

    Blue Heat Snow & Ice Melter with Heat Generating Pellets is considered to be one of the highest grade ice melters. It has enough Calcium Chloride to melt snow and ice down to 25 degrees below zero. In addition, it also has a slight blue tint. The blue tint lets consumers know where the product has already been applied thereby avoiding an over-application. Blue Heat also draws moisture from the environment allowing it to work quickly, even in very cold, dry conditions. Blue Heat does not chemically attack concrete and is much safer to use than any lower grade ice melters.

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  • Keep It Green Snow & Ice Melter

    Keep It Green Snow & Ice Melter is a unique product. Despite the many claims of companies offering a “green ice melter”, we consider Keep It Green to be the only REAL green ice melter on the market. A mixture of CMA and Potassium Acetate is enough to make for a decent sales pitch; Keep It Green though doesn’t stop there. It is also mixed with a time release fertilizer enabling the ground to benefit from the nutrients. Ice Melters are meant to clear walkways, driveways etc… Unfortunately in many cases ice melters will also cause damage to vegetation and greenery. Keep It Green is meant to offset such potential damage and help sustain the ground near your walkways, driveways etc.

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