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Keep It Green Snow & Ice Melter is a unique product. Despite the many claims of companies offering a “green ice melter”, we consider Keep It Green to be the only REAL green ice melter on the market. A mixture of CMA and Potassium Acetate is enough to make for a decent sales pitch; Keep It Green though doesn’t stop there. It is also mixed with a time release fertilizer enabling the ground to benefit from the nutrients. Ice Melters are meant to clear walkways, driveways etc… Unfortunately in many cases ice melters will also cause damage to vegetation and greenery. Keep It Green is meant to offset such potential damage and help sustain the ground near your walkways, driveways etc.  
KIG8 8lb jug of Keep it Green 8 50384 00005 5 270 19
KIG20 20lb bag of Keep it Green 8 50384 00019 2 120 18
KIG50 50lb bag of Keep it Green 8 50384 00049 9 56 16
KIG40 40lb Bucket of Keep it Green 8 50384 00039 0 60 18

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