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Steel Tip Aluminum Pusher
Metal Shovels & Pushers
Check out our selection of shovels and pushers that are brand new this year and better than ever! Some of their new features include a fiberglass stick, rubber grip, steel strip, and many more!
Poly Pusher
Poly Shovels & Pushers
Take a look at our large selection of poly shovels and pushers this year. Our poly shovels are lightweight, easy to use and easy to store.
Ergonomic Shovel
Ergonomic Shovels & Pushers
Check out our full line of ergonomic shovels. These shovels were specifically designed to ease back pain associated with shoveling snow. This year we have made many new improvements including an easier handle, a cushion grip on the stick, and many more!
Ice Chopper
Roof Snow Shovel
The latest product added to our product line this year is the roof snow shovel. The extra large shovel head covers large areas at a time and allows the snow to roll right off your roof. It extends up to 21 feet.
Ice Chopper
Ice Choppers
Check out our variety of ice choppers. They are made of 100% steel and each chopper is manufactured with a 20" cushion on the stick providing an easier grip.
Ice Scraper
Ice Scrapers
Check out our many different types of ice scapers. These ice scrapers were designed for dusting snow and ice off your windows with ease.
Telescopic Car Brush
Car Brushes
Take a look at our wide variety of car brushes. Each one has easy brushing and scraping all in one. Our telescopic car brush can extend up to 60"!

Salt Spreaders
Salt Spreaders
Check out our salt spreaders. They were designed for rugged use during the winter season. Using our salt spreaders allows you to cover large areas quickly and spread salt evenly.

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